Andy Rowley manages the shop today. He started off as a sales assistant and has been with Budd for over 30 years. This means he has seen 3rd, 4th and even 5th generations from a single family come into the shop. Some gentlemen still have shirts which Budd made for them over 30 years ago. One particular customer had his shirts made with his telephone number embroidered next to his monogram, displayed just above his trouser  waistband -  that way, if he ever had  “one too many”,  the waiter could phone his wife and tell her he would be staying at the club that evening .This attention to detail takes “bespoke” to another level. Andy’s staff motto is “don’t make a sale, make a customer for life”.

Christopher Mundy is the salesman at Budd. He has worked in gentleman’s retail since he left university and has been with Budd for almost 1 year. If you see him limping around the shop this month it’s because he’s just completed the London Marathon for Macmillan nurses. He says this will be his 5th and final marathon before his knees give out.