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White Tie Guide

White Tie


White tie has been relatively rare up until recently, but of late seems to be having something of a revival. White tie is reserved for extremely formal occasions and is the most elegant of all evening attire. Should an invitation to a white tie event come your way, there are certain sartorial principles to apply in order to achieve an effortless, refined style.

White tie requires a gentleman to wear a single breasted black tailcoat (preferably barathea) with pure silk facing lapels. The accompanying dress trousers should have two rows of silk braid on the side seam.

Shirt: White neckband shirt. At Budd we supply neckband shirts with stiff linen bibs, These are worn with a stiff collar, white bow tie and appropriate white waistcoat.

Collar: We provide wing collars that attach to the stiff bib neckband shirt. Made from heavily starched cotton, our wing collars are designed to sit high on the neck. It is advised to wear a collar a size bigger than the neckband of your shirt. Our collars can be purchased directly from our Piccadilly shop.

Collar Studs: Collar studs attach the wing collar to the neckband of your dress shirt. A short stud fixes the collar to the back of the shirt, and a longer stud attaches at the front. These are available in pairs from the shop.

Bow Tie: Essential to the white tie dress code is a white bow tie. Budd provides Marcella and thistle and batswing bow ties. These are all self tie and sized so as not to show the join at the rear of the collar.

Waistcoat: A white cotton marcella waistcoat is de riguer for white tie. Our marcella waistcoats are single breasted and backless, creating a highly elegant appearance. The feature a split yoke that ensures the waistcoat sits straight.Selecting the correct size waistcoat is dependent on your height and body shape. The middle button of the waistcoat should line up with the waistband of your trousers, and sit no lower that the front of your tailcoat.

Braces: For a polished and refined look we recommend our moire silk braces in white.

Scarf and gloves: Both are optional. You would wear them with an overcoat and remove them (along with the overcoat) when you arrive at the venue. We provide white gloves in leather and cotton, suitable for white tie. Our white and cream dress scarves come in both plain and knitted silk qualities.

Footwear: black silk socks and pumps are most appropriate.

Dress Studs: Half suite (cufflinks and dress studs set) in silver/enamel cloisonné, finishes off a dress shirt beautifully. Stiff bib shirts are usually worn with two or three studs, however the number of studs opted for is dependent on your height and the cut of your waistcoat.

Pocket Square: A cream silk pocket square is a must and should be kept simple.

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